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James J. Markham III Esq. Fort Lee, NJ

James J. Markham III Esq.


James Markham runs a dynamic civil litigation trial and appellate law firm, helping clients resolve legal disputes through litigation, mediation and arbitration. The firm is based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. With over 40 year of experience in complex Insurance and Criminal Law, James Markham provides legal services to clients throughout the New York Metropolitan area.

The Challenge:

Over the years, his transcription tape machines began to wear and tear. “Dictation is critical to our practice. Sometimes tapes would stick and other times the machine would break.” he said. Several times, an important letter or report was not recoverable due to a faulty tape. Having used the tape technology for so long, he wondered if he would be able to easily move on with a newer technology.

James called Datel Solutions and invited them to show him a better way. In discussing the firm’s dictation workflow needs with James and his secretary, Barbara, Victor Schabes, of Datel, understood that a digital recorder workflow would benefit the practice over and beyond a simple replacing of the old machine. “Barbara’s desk was at least 10 feet from James’s office. Either Barbara would have to pick up his tapes or he’d have to drop off a tape on his desk for each set of dictations”, said Victor, “A digital solution could also save this busy office a lot of time and help simplify the workflow”.

The Solution:

“We understood from Victor’s need’s analysis of the current workflow that the office desktop computers were not connected to a server, but we needed the workflow to move seamlessly between James and his assistants without them having to get up from their desks”, said Rick Lobel of Datel. “We recommended a Philips digital recorder workflow using cloud-based transfer of files from desk to desk”. After implementation, Rick provided training for Barbara and then James. Said Barbara, “Datel did a fabulous job. We were nervous of this new technology, but our trainer made it fun and simple. We also received easy-steps documentation. By the following day we were using the system exclusively.”

The current workflow: James dictates into the digital recorder usually from his disk. Then he drops the recorder into a docking pod on his desk. The voice file is automatically sent to Barbara’s computer for transcription. Barbara receives a notification message that pops up on her desktop when a new audio file arrives. Datel provided James with extensive training and phone support follow up. “I am very pleased. Service was prompt, and the product works very well. I would gladly use Datel Solutions again without any question”, said James.