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Palm Beach Brain and Spine (PBBS)

Palm Beach Brain and Spine (PBBS)

Dr. Amos O. Daré is a highly renowned neurosurgeon, who runs a busy multi-office practice in the Miami Florida region, with a special interest in functional spine surgery and treatment of cancer of the brain and spine. Dr. Daré delivers a high-level care in a concerned and compassionate manner while using state-of-the-art techniques including minimal invasive surgery. Such techniques allow very complicated surgery that greatly reduce the possibility for surgical complications or infections.

The Challenges
Dr. Daré had purchased several Dragon Medical packages from a vendor for his dictation needs. His IT company had installed the software and helped the providers get started in using speech recognition. Challenge 1: The providers worked their way through using the software as best they could, but found themselves spending too much time configuring microphones and Dragon settings while trying to improve recognition accuracy. Challenge 2: PBBS needed to have Dragon installed and running in their satellite offices without having to recreate the doctor’s and assistants’ voice Profiles at those sites. Challenge 3: Dr. Daré also needed a consultant with advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word Visual Basic scripting to develop ‘dynamic’ file templates that he could use easily together with Dragon for documents such as ADR-ACDF combination, Cervical Disc Replacement ADR, Laminectomy-Discectomy and Microlaminectomy-Microdiscectomy and more.

The Solutions

PBBS’s IT company interviewed several Dragon Medical Partners and in 2012 selected Datel Solutions to do the job.

Solution 1: After reviewing their current Dragon settings, Datel staff made configuration changes as well as tweeks to the Neurology Vocabulary that enabled the providers to dictate easily and effectively. Robert, PA, said “After the Datel consultant cleaned up my Dragon profile, it was like magic! I was dictating at high nineties percent accuracy at the get go.” Since then, PBBS has continued to use Datel’s services for all Dragon maintenance related work and upgrades.

Solution 2: PBBS turned to Datel with the question of how their providers could use their Dragon systems (that they were now very happy with) at their satellite offices without having to re-train their Dragon Voice Profiles. Their Datel consultant explained to PBBS that they could use their same Dragon licenses in compliance with Nuance’s installation rules and implemented the identical setup at the other offices. Anjali, the Office Manager, said “Datel staff were careful to work within the providers’ schedules and got the work done without inconveniencing the physicians.”

Solution 3: “We listened to Dr. Daré’s needs and built the templates using VB script in Word. The key was to make them as easy to use as hand-written office forms, but way more efficient to use electronically”, said Rick Lobel, Datel Consultant. “I would recommend Datel anytime. They are a pleasure to work with and a great help to our practice” said Dr. Daré.