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Pediatric Center: New Providence, NJ

The challenge: Pediatric Center, a highly successful and busy medical practice in New Providence NJ, was swamped in paper, needed an efficient way to manage over 15,000 patient records electronically. Staff faced increasing difficulty in managing and controlling access to this information. In addition the practice needed to maintain their records in compliance of HIPAA regulations.

We met Barbara Bradley, Office Manager at Pediatric Center,we learned that the office had already tried several approaches in solving the problem, including scanning, but they needed a coordinated approach. The office was lined with file cabinets and housed a store room loaded with boxes of records. Staff had difficulty locating records.

After doing a full assessment of Pediatric’s needs, we recommended and implemented a records management workflow solution with a high speed Fujitsu scanner. Doctors and staff started seeing improvements right away. “After half a day’s training, we were scanning in loads of records very quickly. We could also pull up an encounter form or any record in no time at all from the system. As a result, we didn’t have the delays we had in the past in addressing patient issues. Our offices became less and less cluttered. We were now spending less time on the phone and were so much better prepared for patient visits. The system has brought us so many benefits.” Barbara said.

The solution: we set up the workflow around an intuitive folder and records structure. Office personnel could drill effortlessly down to any patient folder group and scan records that were indexed for searches on the fly. Document access was restricted so that different personnel had rights to use to only those records authorized to them. Our team also set up a disaster recovery backup system that allowed the doctor to rotate light weight USB drives off-site each day. Records and procedures are now maintained in compliance of regulations.