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What is SpeechLive?

Philips’ SpeechLive service is, essentially, a cloud (web) based management system for dictation storage, playback, and delivery. Professionals can submit their dictation files to their office independent of where they are – 24 hours, 7 days a week. With SpeechLive, dictations can be safely uploaded and downloaded from anywhere in the world.

It can be completely configured using your web browser. No need to install or configure additional complicated software.

Works seamlessly with all our input devices

Speechlive integrates seemlessly with SpeechExec Pro, Philips Pocket Memo Recorders as well as the Philips Dictation Recorder smartphone app. See SpeechExec Pro and Smartphone Recorders. SpeechLive connects with Philips SpeechExec software and perfectly adapts to your company’s working structure. Such workflows allow your secretary or transcriptionist to immediately see your dictations and transcribe them even though you dictated them out of the office.

Secure audio files

SpeechLive secures your dictations by encrypting them during recording, again when they are sent, and again by storing them in an encrypted format when safely kept in your SpeechDrive in the cloud. This means end-to-end double encryption and protection from unauthorized access. If needed, SpeechLive restores dictations that have been deleted by accident – a 100 % secure backup.

Flexible Central Control of Workflow

SpeechLive serves as a configuration center for all of your users. As an account administrator, you can create new authors and transcriptionists and send them invitations, which makes getting them connected a breeze. If necessary, you can also take over someone’s dictations when deleting them from the account.

You have the opportunity to periodically upgrade the number of users, up to 25 users per SpeechLive account, whenever you need to and with flexible commitment periods.


Test SpeechLive now for 30 days and get 10 minutes of transcription service for free – see Trial and Purchase options below. Feel free to contact us with questions about SpeechLive.

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SpeechLive Small Business Package

  • Up to 10 users
  • 5 GB / 25 000 min
  • Smartphone dictation
  • Optional transcription service
  • 3 months flexible subscription

Download Free Trial: SpeechLive Small Business Package – Trial Account

Purchase Package: SpeechLive Small Business Package

SpeechLive Advanced Business Package

  • Up to 25 users
  • 20 GB / 100 000 min
  • Enhanced smartphone dictation
  • Optional transcription service
  • 3 months flexible subscription
  • One-click workflow management
  • Individual assignment of typists to authors
  • Professional online player with foot pedal operation

Download Free Trial: SpeechLive Advanced Business Package – Trial Account

Purchase Advanced Package: SpeechLive Advanced Business Package

Purchase Advanced Package Plus: SpeechLive Advanced Business Package Plus

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