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Medical Webinars

Datel is committed to educating the healthcare community about the best cost saving solutions for clinical dictation and office automation and helping healthcare providers implement solutions that fit with their current workflow.

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Dragon Medical Webinar – Dragon Medical Practice Edition (latest edition)

Duration: 20 minutes

Join us in this webinar to learn more about how Datel can help your practice solve multiple problems by using Dragon Medical Practice Edition (latest edition) speech recognition software for clinical note dictation. Learn first hand how providers can cut transcription expenses and save note delivery turnaround time, whether using an EMR or Word charts.

Successful Digital Recorder Transcription Workflows Webinar

Duration: 20 minutes

Efficient production of documents and ease of document workflow  are critical to medical practices.  The use of digital recorders and speech recognition solutions can help providers complete their clinical notes without having to dictate or type directly into an EMR, saving time and money. Here, providers dictate into a digital recorder anywhere, anytime and with the click of a button they can send their dictations directly to their transcriptionist(s) or to their office PC to be Dragon speech recognized. This webinar will discuss practical examples of digital transcription workflow solutions for providers.