Welcome to DATEL

Datel is a workflow consulting firm involved in providing a full range of technology-driven solutions and services using continuous speech recognition (also known as voice recognition). The firm was founded by Rick Lobel in 1994 as Richard H. Lobel Consulting, and came to be known later as Datel.

In the early nineties while assisting clients with the design of their structured databases, Rick noticed that many companies were already beginning to experience problems in inputting and managing their unstructured data. Unstructured data typically includes digital files for clinical notes, referral letters, time and billing sheets as well as scanned digital images. Staff at many practices and firms were experiencing difficulty in inputting and managing these documents efficiently. Also, problems existed with document security, where several staff members had access to documents that they were not unauthorized to view. At that time Datel began concentrating efforts on helping clients with solutions for these challenging problems. This work later became known as records management or Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

As practices found less and less time to input and manage their notes and were at the same time spending more and more on transcription expenses, Datel began providing workflow solutions and training in the use of speech recognition software for the healthcare, legal and financial markets.

While providing the best possible workflow solutions for the practice or firm, Datel sees its role as enhancing the performance of the individual. Individual focus is key! Each member of the practice should be able to easily input and access records according to the way he or she works best.

Datel has a proud record of helping many clients make the transition to digital records management seamlessly, enabling individuals in practices and firms to become as productive as possible, while significantly reducing transcription expenses. In achieving these goals, Datel has provided consulting and training services to thousands of individuals over the last 20 years. See Testimonials.