Legal Solutions

Efficient production of documents and ease of document workflow are critical to law firms. The use of digital recorder and speech recognition solutions in the creation and editing of documents is the fastest growing area in legal word processing, saving time and money. Datel helps legal firms improve profitability by determining and implementing the right digital transcription workflow solution that meets their needs.

Datel Solutions and our staff have been servicing and supporting law firms for many years. We offer a full line of digital dictation (Olympus & Philips), Speech Recognition solutions (Dragon) and Mobile Dictation Applications (IPhone, Android, and Blackberry). Most importantly, we have a professional staff that provides onsite implementation and training during and after your system installation.

Dictation recorders may NOT be allowed in the courtroom. Our mobile applications solve that problem for attorneys who desire dictating capabilities while waiting for verdicts, experience down time between trials and want to dictate while their thoughts are fresh.

Immediate Benefits are:

* Dictations are sent instantly to your legal assistant for transcription. Improved Productivity!!!

* Attorneys use it for notes, memos, letters and client billing while ON THE GO!!!

* Enhance your workflow and improve your Cash Flow!

* Send Priority dictation at the touch of a button!