Ecker, Ecker and Associates, Westchester NY

Attorneys at Ecker, Ecker and Associates had been using transcription tape players for many years. The system was workable, but not ideal. Attorneys would submit their tapes at the office to secretaries, who would transcribe the documents. The partners had started questioning this method many years before making a change. There were serious bottlenecks. One big drawback in using the tape player method was that attorneys needed to get to the office in order to submit their recordings for transcription. Another issue – attorneys in the field who ran out of tape simply could not dictate; and the occasional tape that went missing spelt disaster.

In 2013, the firm contacted Datel Solutions. Datel staff went over their attorney and secretarial workflow needs and recommended a Digital Philips Recorder and iPhone solution that enabled attorneys to dictate from anywhere, and with the click of a button send their voice files to the secretaries’ desks; any secretary in the pool could begin working on the files.

Amy, lead secretary, said “Not only were Datel staff a pleasure to work with, but they gave us a system that has made our work so much more easier to do – we’re light years ahead of where we were before; dictations simply arrive in our dictation list and we’re ready to go! The new system has helped us to save so much time and to deliver the documents back to the attorneys much more quickly; and they really appreciate that!”

Rick Lobel, Datel Solutions Trainer, said “Success is in understanding exactly the attorneys’ and secretaries’ workflow. We spend most of our time getting thoroughly familiar with their needs and setting up the infrastructure. But, the key for their use is in its simplicity.”

Robert Ecker, commented, “The benefits of the system that Datel put in place are tremendous. Our schedules are demanding and this is exactly the technology we needed. I dictate into the iPhone from anywhere and receive a transcript from our office minutes later.”