Dragon Medical Webinar – Dragon Medical One

JEFFREY S. ARONOFF M.D., F.A.C.S., a leading edge Colorectal Surgery Outpatient Center in Manhattan, New York, was spending over $10,000 a year with a transcription service. Utilizing the services of Datel Solutions, in less than 3 months, they have cut their transcription cost completely.

After doing a thorough needs assessment, Datel Solutions facilitated the integration of Dragon Medical Speech Recognition software into their custom EMR System, developed templates and provided training for the staff. Following his training, Dr. Aronoff immediately started using Dragon Medical to document his patient notes and correspondence. “Datel made it easy for me to hit the ground running. Since the day I began using Dragon Medical, we have had no need for using my old transcription service.”

Dragon Medical Software and the training from Datel Solutions have proven to be an incredible asset to the practice. “We have benefited immensely in moving forward with Speech Recognition Software. Financial savings was not the primary reason we originally inquired about it”, said Dr. Aronoff. He added, “Documenting our patient notes in-house and having the notes immediately available to all staff was critical to us. Having used an outside service for transcription for a number of years, we became aware of our vulnerability to delays. This is no longer the case with Dragon Medical, because the report is in the EMR system immediately’.