Elliott Adler, Attorney, NYC

Elliot Adler runs a busy legal practice in Brooklyn, New York. The nature of his work calls for extensive report writing. Being a hands-on individual, Elliot is an adept typist and in the early stages of developing his practice typed many of his reports himself.

As his firm grew, he needed to streamline his operations and began using a transcription service and a professional typist. This system, however, was not ideal as he put it “I spent too much time reviewing and correcting my reports and that was not worthwhile.”

Several years ago Eliot heard about Dragon speech recognition software. His office purchased and installed it, but had difficulty getting the software to run efficiently. That’s when he got in touch with Rick Lobel at Datel. This turned out to be a quick job for Datel. We upgraded his software to Dragon Legal, made several adjustments to his settings and within hours he successfully dictated a tough set of contracts bullet points.

Eliot says “I am thrilled that Datel solved my problems so quickly. I cannot tell you how much time they have saved me. I now dictate all my notes and reports directly to Word and my Time Slips system. It’s clean and fast. This is a huge benefit to my firm”.