Handheld Microphones – Philips

Handheld Microphones – Philips

Philips Speechmike Premium LFH 3500 (programmable)

Best-in-class recording with Precision Microphone. The SpeechMike Premium takes dictation to a new level. May it be the free-floating studio quality Precision Microphone, a microphone grille with optimized structure, built-in noise-reduction pop filter, antimicrobial surface or the world’s first motion sensor in a stationary digital dictation device – the SpeechMike Premium sets the new standard.

Philips Speechmic Premium LFH 3500 High-quality clinician dictation microphone with PC mouse functions.

The microphone in the new SpeechMike Premium is decoupled from its housing for the most incredible crystal clear recording performance ever to be delivered by a desktop dictation device.

Price : $349

The SpeechMike Premium hexagonal holes used for the metal grille feature three times more open surface than its predecessor, engineered to provide crystal clear recordings.


Tuned for clarity

Optimized control panel with tactile buttons and ergonomic zones design

Ergonomically shaped rear housing with command key

New freely configurable instruction key

A polished, pearl metal coloured housing reduces fingerprints and unwanted noises

Antimicrobial housing and buttons

Laser-scanned, self-cleaning trackball

Control Application for assigning buttons for use with Dragon Medical

Philips Speechmike III LFH 3200 (programmable)

The professional Philips SpeechMike III LFH 3200 USB microphone delivers excellent speech recognition capabilities, an antimicrobial surface for improved hygiene and refined ergonomics for convenient operation.

Philips Speechmike III LFH 3200

Top-quality clinician dictation microphone with PC mouse functions.

The microphone in the new SpeechMike III LFH 3200 reduces background noise and is optimized for speech recognition.

Price : $309.00.

The SpeechMike III 3200 features preconfigured buttons for direct control of Dragon Medical, Legal and Pro voice recognition solutions.


Noise-canceling microphone for accurate speech recognition results

Integrated sound card and speaker ensuring crystal clear playback

Comfortable ergonomic design for one-thumb operation

Antimicrobial surface for active bacteria reduction and improved hygiene

Available with Philips SpeechExec professional dictation software

Geared for Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software

Can be fully integrated into existing workflow systems

Intelligent Support by Datel Solutions

Ensure the success of your speech recognition solutions with training and technical support that set industry standards. We analyze your workflow and provide tailored integration of speech recognition solutions that includes expert installation, configuration of features that benefit your practice most, and professional training so you can eliminate the frustration of unnecessary learning curves.

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