DAX Copilot

Create automated notes in seconds with Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Copilot.

DAX Copilot merges established conversational and ambient AI technologies with cutting-edge generative AI within a mobile application designed to seamlessly fit into physicians' current routines.

This cloud-based application securely records comprehensive patient interactions and instantly transforms multi-party discussions into detailed, specialty-focused clinical summaries following each patient visit. Clinicians, utilizing simple voice commands, can access an extensive range of customizations, templates, and shortcuts to tailor their documentation.

This is facilitated by Dragon® Medical One's sophisticated speech recognition features and efficient EHR integration, enhancing time management and note accuracy.

The AI approach that sets DAX Copilot apart.

DAX Copilot enhances clinician experience and note precision by integrating established AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) supported by Microsoft's extensive capabilities and robust security measures. Our acclaimed AI is developed from a substantial clinical dataset, with over 1 billion minutes of medical dictation and more than 10 million ambient encounters annually. As a component of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, DAX is provided via a reliable infrastructure and worldwide platform, steered by a well-defined responsible AI framework and a set of fundamental principles.

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Captures a multi-party conversation ambiently.

Clinicians converse naturally with patients and their families while a specialized mobile app discreetly records the dialogue at the point of care. This approach enables healthcare providers to maintain a direct connection with patients, without the need for explicit voice commands.

Creates clinical documentation automatically.

DAX Copilot transforms conversations during encounters into detailed, specialty-specific clinical documentation summaries. These summaries are then made available within the mobile app and the Electronic Health Record (EHR) for clinicians to review and edit.

Produces high-quality documentation.

DAX Copilot combines subject matter expertise, clinical knowledge, and real-world experience to create versatile, high-value documentation that spans various specialties. It supports a range of documentation formats and templates to accommodate different needs.

Delivers accurate documentation efficiently and consistently.

AI-generated notes undergo a quick quality check before being sent to the clinician for signature in the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Over time, DAX's AI adapts to each clinician's unique style, creating a continuous learning loop for ongoing enhancement.

Integrates with electronic health records.

DAX Copilot synchronizes with electronic healthcare record systems to extract patient context, submit the finalized note, and empower care teams to accomplish an expanding array of tasks in real-time using virtual assistants.

Scales across settings and specialties.

The system is applicable for telehealth and office environments within ambulatory specialties, urgent care, and primary care settings.

Your clinical documentation copilot.

The Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Copilot acts as an AI assistant for automated clinical documentation, allowing physicians to enhance clinical efficiency, satisfaction for both physicians and patients, and financial outcomes with fewer resources. Leveraging the extensive capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, it merges Nuance’s established conversational and ambient AI with the latest and most advanced generative AI models.

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