Datel helps customers with solutions to make their workflow process efficient, from speech recognition input (also known as voice recognition) to finding the document you need.

A full-featured workflow solution makes the process of document input as automated as possible while making finding documents as easy as possible based on what staff knows. Input of relevant documents should be fast, simple and efficient.

A good workflow solution should complement other software applications already in use in the organization. It should enable staff to input documents directly from within other applications in the organization.

A rigorous security system should permit every authorized person to perform required duties – whether from desktop, laptop, the office, a remote location or over the Web – without compromising the integrity of the database, system or network.

Datel is a solutions firm that helps you gain a competitive advantage:
  • 👍 in you providing better service to your clients
  • 👍 saving you time for what you do best
  • 👍 bringing efficiency to the document creation process
  • 👍 bringing down document costs
Most recent clients include:
  • ➡ Ganer, Grossbach + Ganer, LLC, NY
  • ➡ Encore Systems, Albany NY
  • ➡ Bishop Rosen & Co.
  • ➡ The Fairchild Corporation
  • ➡ Rosin & Associates, NYC