Dragon Speech Recognition Software

Dragon speech recognition software is the most advanced voice technology available today, addressing the needs of the healthcare, legal and professional communities worldwide. Experience the overwhelming accuracy and speed that is transforming the process of documentation into profit generating workflows.

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Choosing the appropriate microphone directly affects the results and accuracy achieved with speech recognition software. Discover the highest quality microphones based on your dictation preferences, customer reviews, support feedback, and industry findings.


Digital recorders provide flexibility for those who prefer remote dictation or who are often pulled away from their computers. Dictate notes and correspondence on the go and let Dragon speech recognition software transcribe your audio files when you’re back at the office. See the leading digital recorders rated on excellence in accuracy, ease of use, and speech recognition features.

Support and Training

Datel specializes in providing the most progressive technology backed by superior training and technical support. We build our business on your success stories, which is why we offer resources that help you achieve the best possible results with your speech recognition solutions.

Align yourself with a true partner in the industry and let us help you create a more efficient and profitable business. For more information, please call: (201) 705-1964 | (201) 390-0613.

Datel Standard Support and Training Focus:

Leverage your EMR investment by integrating Dragon® Medical Practice Edition as part of the overall EMR adoption strategy

You receive consultative based training focusing on the most efficient workflow for you

You receive customized reference sheets for all training covered

Our support staff views your screen with you during calls to give you better service

You receive weekly Tips and Tricks based on most frequent support questions